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(2197 reviews)
twitter Roy

Roy Olende

So love Loom it's ridiculous. Telling everyone at Buffer about it -- super helpful. Great job! 👏

twitter Jeff

Jeff Higgins

Your mind will be blown away as soon as you @useloom for screen recording. It's a masterpiece of #productivity tools.

twitter Scott

Scott Breard

Absolutely brilliant software from @useloom that every entrepreneur needs to get!

twitter Noah

Noah Henshceid

Holy cow. Loom for Chrome is SLICK AS HELL.

twitter cool


Brilliant. I have been waiting YEARS for a simple effective #UX testing tool like this.

twitter Ian

Ian Hollander

Every few years you find a great (free) program that instantly makes u regret the $100's you've wasted before it. Loom is awesome.